outsourced marketingOutsourced Marketing Helps You Grow Your Business!

There are three distinct benefits to Outsourced Marketing with Regent Promotions:

  1. You get a team of experts with a level of experience that you likely would be unable to attract for an in-house position.
  2. You eliminate significant overhead by not having a hired employee(s).  Imagine not having the cost of payroll taxes, benefits, training, etc.
  3. Substantially increase marketing efficiency and brand consistency by working with one agency – We handle ALL of your marketing needs.

Regent Promotions currently works with several companies who have made the move to Outsourced Marketing, and we want to work with you too.  When you join the Regent Family, you gain access to our entire line of services that include graphic design, printing, custom apparel, interactive marketing management, advertising management, promotional products, etc.  We have 100% of your needs covered in our office which will save you money and time.


Imagine spending LESS MONEY and in return getting a TEAM of marketing experts committed to your company!


If you are ready to sit down and have a discussion about outsourcing your marketing demands, call Jeremy or Jamie to schedule an appointment.  We would love to hear about your vision for growing your company, and we stand ready to assist you in achieving your goals.

Call today: 812.401.1350

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