promotional productsLove Your Clients with Promo Products!

Did you know that among ALL GENERATIONS (Millennials, Gen-X, Baby Boomers, Silent Generation) , Promotional Products are the most effective marketing tool?  I bet not!  There are many factors contributing to this, and certainly not the least is that over 89% of consumers have received a promo product.

So promo products work as a marketing tool.  Great.  They are effective at reaching all ages and industries.  Nice.  Here is the question I want to pose to you as you launch your 2018 marketing strategy:

Are you taking time to consider the kind and quality of promo product you are giving to your clients & your prospects?  Are you considering what THEY are doing for YOU?

There is a simple standard you should consider – how much revenue does the client generate for my company? 

If you have clients who help bring in 6 to 7 figures in gross revenue, you seriously need to consider spending some money on the promo items you give to those clients!  There are fantastic specialty items you can choose from from the unique to the usable, and my guess is those folks do not need another mug or key chain.

You get the point!  This is easy analysis, but SO VALUABLE!!!

So as you consider your 2018 budget for promotional products, let’s have a discussion.  Let’s take a look at who these items are going to and what those clients mean to your bottom line.  And let’s SHOW SOME LOVE to your clients!

If you would like to start searching for promo items now, you can head to our promotional product website by CLICKING HERE.

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